Ground School

During this strange period some of us are finding that we now have extra time on our hands. If you are a PPL student then this maybe the time to get ready for those exams. I offer online Ground School in all the PPL subjects or in specific areas where you feel you need help.

Most students, including me, struggled with RT but I have tips that will help you out and make you more confident on the radio. 

It’s not just restricted to PPL students. I can assist you with:

  • Preparation for your IR(R) written exam
  • Show you how to set up your Sky Demon & how to get the most from it
  • Customs procedures for flying in and out of the EU and the UK
  • How to file and manage flight plans
  • Tips on planning for that big trip

I would love to pass on my knowledge for free but I have to keep a roof over my head. My rate is £30 per hour or £50 for 2 hours.